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NOVAnimal Probiotics committed to an outstanding quality

NOVAnimal Probiotics were created by a group of microbiologists and veterinarians to meet all pet health needs. NOVAnimal is committed to supply your pet with the best supplements possible. NOVAnimal probiotics contain several different strains of bacteria as well as one prebiotic to increase the probiotics’ effectiveness! We believe in treating your pet’s body as a whole and want to preserve his intestinal health. Your pet’s immune system is found mainly in the intestines, and by feeding him probiotics you are also improving his overall health! NOVAnimal probiotics will positively influence your pet’s immune and digestive system, increasing his resistance to pathogens, improving his digestive process and even increasing his lifespan!

Ingredients and dosages

Each NOVAnimal formula contains several different strains of bacteria. These mixes allow NOVAnimal supplements to work differently around your pet’s body according to his current needs. NOVAnimal has two major lines, the Pet Shop line and the Veterinary line.

The Pet Shop line is here to accompany your animal through the different stages of his life and makes sure no matter the challenges he faces, his immune and digestive system will be balanced, efficient and strong. This line offers products that contain between 2 and 10 billion probiotics per scoop, and that essential prebiotic which is inulin!

The Veterinary line was created to address your pet’s specific health needs and medical issues. The veterinary line has several products that will nurse your pet back to health. This line offers products that contain between 3 to 7 billion probiotics per scoop and one prebiotic.

Dosages are indicated on each bottle, feed one scoop of plum flavored supplements twice a day to your small dogs and cats and two scoops twice a day to your big dogs!

When should you use NOVAnimal probiotics?

Thanks to our two different lines, NOVAnimal probiotics have many different uses. NOVAnimal can be used as an everyday boost to your pet’s immune and digestive systems or can be used when your pet’s undergoing a medical condition and needs a little extra help. NOVAnimal products have long and short term benefits, including preventing infections, fighting intestinal disorders such as diarrhea, flatulence or bloating, and improving the absorption of his nutrients.

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