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What are Probiotics?

Have you ever heard of probiotics? I bet your intestines have! After all they house billions of them! Probiotics are healthy bacteria that benefit your pet’s body. They live in the intestines, and are important in both the digestive and immune system. Probiotics line the walls of the intestines, there are many different species of probiotics, and every animal has different quantities of each. Together, these species form the microflora. The microflora prevents pathogens from multiplying and crossing your pet’s intestines into the blood stream. The microflora also breaks down and absorbs nutrients and vitamins your pet’s body needs. Probiotics are necessary to the survival of your animal, and they help him every day get the most out of his food and avoid pathogenic invasions.

Why Give Your Pet Probiotics?

A balanced microflora is a microflora that contains mostly probiotics. When pathogens are added to the mix, your pet’s microflora can become unbalanced, and therefore so can his immune and digestive system. An unbalanced microflora leaves your pet vulnerable to infections and weakens his immune and digestive system. Your pet’s microflora comes across pathogens every day, but probiotics are hard if not impossible to find in your pet’s diet or the environment. So how do you get your animal the probiotics he needs to maintain his health and wellbeing? The answer is simple: probiotic supplements! Probiotic supplements are probiotics that will go down the digestive tract to the intestines where they will rebalance the microflora and work together to keep your pet happy and healthy!


Probiotics have many benefits you’re your dogs, cats and even horses!

  • Probiotics will help your pet’s digestive system break down foods and better absorb nutrients

  • Probiotics will fight and prevent conditions such as diarrhea, flatulence, or bloating

  • Probiotics reduce the effects of stress

  • Probiotics kill toxins and help detoxify blood purifying organs

  • Probiotics prevent and heal infections

  • Probiotics will improve the digestive process

  • Probiotics will make food changes easier (like weaning for example)

  • Probiotics will reduce fecal and urine smells

  • Probiotics will erase side effects caused by antibiotics

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