Senior Dogs

Senior Dogs

Most dog lovers agree that one of the few flaws dogs have is their relatively short life spans. However, many dogs can enjoy a good deal of years as seniors still living their lives to the fullest and being faithful, loyal, companions. If your dog is in this stage of their life they have likely already given you many terrific memories and you already have a strong bond. This is a time where they require extra attention and care. A daily probiotic will help ensure that your older canine is able to have an improved quality of life and, often times, a longer one full of good health.

NovAnimal has a special formula designed for advanced age to meet the needs of senior animals. This will help support their digestive health and keep them comfortably mobile as they get older. Unlike medicines your dog may require that are often difficult to give them NovAnimal probiotics are super easy. Simply sprinkle the yummy tasting powder on the food or treats your dog already enjoys. Probiotics can also help with upset stomachs that sometimes are a side effect of antibiotics and replenish the good gut bacteria post medicines. Diarrhea, flatulence and bloating are uncomfortable for your senior dog and can even sometimes be fatal. A daily probiotic provides relief.

A daily probiotic helps to enhance your dog’s gut biochemistry. This has direct and indirect benefits on the cell wall strength, immune system and the feedback mechanisms of the body organ systems.  

Many senior dogs may struggle to maintain their weight or keep weight on. If they do not have any other underlying conditions aside from trouble keeping weight on it is often a result of them not getting what they need from the food they eat. This is often because their microbiome is imbalanced.

 If you notice that your dog seems to get sick for no particular reason boosting the good bacteria in their gut can help them to feel better.

Probiotics help your canine to produce serotonin, increase their cognitive functions and boost their moods which is a great way to enhance their quality of life.

A daily probiotic for older dogs can help slow down or even eradicate age related illnesses. They aid in your dog’s ability to break down their food, increase their capacity to fight off potential pathogens and prevents infections.

Obviously, no dog parent wants to get the news that their beloved pooch has cancer. However, often times, it is manageable. Many cancer patient dogs have leaky gut or inflamed GI tracts. Diet and a daily probiotic can play a critical role in in treating leaky gut and boost your dog’s overall health. The beneficial bacteria that probiotics provide also exhibit anticancer activity. They assist in detoxifying their blood which purifies the liver and kidney and offers an anti-carcinogenic effect.  If your dog requires surgery, we suggest the NovAnimal veterinarian line to help with a strong recovery.

Gastrointestinal disorders are the second most common health problems in dogs.  Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD is quite common in dogs. It causes uncontrollable reverse flow of gastric or intestinal fluids into the tube connecting the throat to the stomach. The gastric stomach acid, pepsin, bile salts and other parts of the gastrointestinal juices can damage the protective mucus lining of the esophagus and cause inflammation. When your dog is experiencing a GERD episode, which can last hours or days, they may lick their lips or the air, eat shoes or socks, gulp a lot, drool or vomit. Since so many functions of your dog’s health are connected to the gut flora and the microbiome it is essential to keep it healthy and support their body’s natural defenses. Parvo also affects dog’s gastrointestinal systems and causes disruption between the good and bad bacteria in their bodies. Probiotics can help reinstate the balance and minimize the chances of the symptoms getting worse to allow for a fast recovery.

Aging in animals is very similar to that in humans. As your pooch ages their bodies begin to weaken. It is harder for them to get as much nutrition from their food and their liver has difficulty pushing out as many toxins. Their brain will also start to slow down.  This is why giving them a probiotic to amplify their health is especially essential. There are obviously things that aren’t ideal and leave you yearning for younger days but it is important to remember that your canine getting old is something not every dog parent has the luxury of experiencing. These golden years can still offer many joyous times and a great quality of life for you dog.

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