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Constipation in Dogs and Cats
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Treating pet constipation with probiotics:


Many pet owners are faced more often with their pet’s diarrhea than constipation. Constipation is rare in dogs and cats, but it can happen, it is more painful and dangerous for him than diarrhea. So how can you tell when you pet is constipated? The first and major sign is that your pet will need to go “potty” more often than usual but will not actually do anything once in the yard on in the cat litter. If your animal is pooping, but clearly has trouble doing so and has hard, dry feces, this also means he’s constipated. If your dog appears bloated and uncomfortable, this can also be a sign of constipation.

Constipation occurs when your pet’s feces do not leave the colon fast enough, and all their moisture will be adsorbed. Constipation can occur for a variety of different reasons, rather it is stress, dehydration, swallowing a foreign object, or even diet change. Your pet’s intestines are not every sturdy, and helping them out with probiotic supplements will help treat, and in the future, prevent constipation. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that live primarily in the intestines. They make sure the digestive process goes down smoothly and in a timely fashion. NOVAnimal probiotics will definitely help your pet achieve regular bowel movements and steer clear of digestive unrest!