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Skin problems: the causes

Your pet’s skin problems can be uncomfortable for him, and for you. You may find people avoiding you and your pet due to his excessive scratching. What many people do not know is that scratching can be linked to many different health issues, such as allergies, parasites, dry or flaky skin, hotspots or even alopecia. To get an accurate diagnosis, you should consult a vet, but before doing that, there might be a simpler way to relieve your pet: probiotic supplements.


Probiotic supplements: the solution to your pet’s itchy problem

You may have heard of probiotics, they are the healthy bacteria that live in your pet’s intestines. These bacteria have two major functions in the body: they improve the effectiveness and strengthen both the immune system and the digestive system. The probiotics contained in supplements will come join your pet’s naturally occurring probiotics and work together to keep your pet healthy. Having more probiotics in his intestines insures both systems work better and stay strong against infections and pathogens. Your pet’s immune and digestive health will affect his overall health, and their strength will prevent and heal smaller health problems, such as diarrhea, symptoms of stress or skin problems. Here’s how: the intestinal immune system exists to keep your pet healthy, and protect his body against pathogens and infections. When his immune system is stronger it will be more effective against harmful bacteria, and will remove any current conditions or infections your pet may have, including skin problems, which are caused by pathogens. It is logical that probiotic supplements will therefor help clear up these issues, and leave your pet with clean, clear skin. The immune system will remove any toxins and pathogens that have decided to move into your pet’s body, leaving him healthy and strong against future infections. The digestive system, meanwhile is more effective when it contains more beneficial bacteria. These bacteria will help the intestines break down food and get all the nutrients out of it. Probiotic supplements will allow your animal to better absorb and use the nutrients contained in his food. And as you know, your pet’s skin and diet are connected. Bad skin in pets can also be caused by not digesting enough nutrients. By improving both these important bodily functions, probiotics will heal small skin infections, and insure your pet stops feeling so itchy.


NOVAnimal probiotics for your pet’s dermal health

NOVAnimal probiotics are supplements created for your pet’s specific health needs. NOVAnimal is here to keep you pet healthy, and prevent or cure any medical issues he may have. All NOVAnimal products contain billions of probiotics per scoop, 9 medicinal strains of bacteria and 1 prebiotic, making them one of the most effective supplements on the market. The NOVAnimal Maintenance formula contains 4 billion probiotics per scoop, and will help clear up your pet’s skin and fight future infections. NOVA is here to protect your pet’s overall health and wellbeing!