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Why use probiotics for your horse?

There are two different types of bacteria in your horse’s body, healthful bacteria and pathogenic bacteria. Your horse’s health is good when healthy bacteria outnumbers the unhealthy bacteria. Most of your horse’s beneficial bacteria is born and takes action in the gastrointestinal system, an area that is particularly sensitive to infections, stress and change. A simple way to re-establish your horse’s intestinal balance and to strengthen his immune system is to add probiotics to his diet. Probiotics are good bacteria that protect your horse’s intestines from pathogenic bacteria and potential infections. Probiotics can be found in certain foods, such yeast, but many animals still do not get enough. This is where dietary supplements come in.

Healthy quantities of probiotics can improve your horse’s appetite, his use of the protein, fiber and starch in his diet, and even his performance. But probiotics can also avoid more serious health issues such as toxin buildups in blood purifying organs, deterioration of the gastrointestinal barrier and weakening of the immune system. Feeding your horse probiotics will improve his overall health, and studies show it even increases your animal’s life expectancy.


NOVAnimal probiotics for a healthier horse

Many studies have shown the effectiveness of probiotics, published a paper recently in which it states: “Probiotics are the live microorganisms themselves. When administered in adequate amounts, these microorganisms confer a health benefit on the horse. […] Horse owners and veterinarians administer […] probiotics to horses […] to encourage the growth of the good microbes, and to minimize the invasion and growth of disease-causing bacteria.” Probiotics have positive long term and short term effect on your horse’s health, they will protect and strengthen his immune system while helping him better digest and absorb the nutrients in his food.

NOVAnimal dietary supplements are high quality products, designed for the specific needs of animals by a group of veterinarians and a microbiologist. The NOVAnimal Equine formula provides 9 different strains of bacteria and a prebiotic to protect both the small and the large intestines. It resists to bile as well as to digestive fluids and is plum flavored, which makes it both healthy, efficient and delicious.

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