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Why use probiotics for your dog?

In times of stress or infection, your canine’s intestinal flora is always affected first. The reason behind this is simple, it is because most of the immune system appears and develops in the intestines. When your dog’s health is vulnerable, his digestive system is the first to be affected and the most difficult to treat. Therefore, we recommend adding probiotics to your dog’s diet. Probiotics are healthy and can come in the form of dietary supplements. These will line your pet’s intestines and strengthen his immune system.

Probiotics are not only a short-term treatment for a specific problem, but long term will improve the overall health of your pet. Probiotics play two major roles in keeping your dog healthy: they promote and assist the development of beneficial bacteria in the body, and when they proliferate, probiotics create a hostile environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria. Probiotics are therefore a key factor in the development of your pet.


Why use NOVAnimal probiotics for your dog?

The use of probiotics was demonstrated by Mechnikov, who discovered that the people who ate more fermented dairy product, a very good source of probiotics, lived longer. The effect of fermented milk products on animals is unfortunately not the same as on humans, it is therefore necessary to add probiotics to their diet in the form of dietary supplements.  Many research papers support the effect of probiotics, including J.F. Guillot’s work, in which he explains that “The positive effect can result either from a direct nutritional effect of the probiotic, or a health effect, with probiotics acting as bioregulators of the intestinal microflora and reinforcing the host’s natural defenses.”

It is for this reason that the NOVA Probiotics brand has decided to develop a line of pet products especially designed for your dog’s needs. NOVAnimal contains several lines, depending on your dog’s health requirements. Our basic animal line is a broader line that accompanies your dog through the different stages of his life. We also have a veterinarian line which aims to address the specific medical needs of your pet.

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