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Why use probiotics for your cat?


Why use probiotics for your cat?

Probiotics are helpful bacteria that maintain the natural balance of your feline’s intestinal flora. Studies show that intestinal flora has an important role in the digestion and absorption of the nutrients in your cat’s food.  Feeding your cat these healthy microorganisms in the form of supplements can therefore increase nutrient absorption, enhance the immune system and improve digestion.

Approximately 80% of your cat’s immune function is in the gut, therefore it is important to seed you cat’s digestive tract with healthy flora. A stable and strong intestinal flora can help your pet resist infections and avoid diarrhea and flatulence, reduce toxins, and even reduce the smell of urine and feces. Your pet’s flora can be affected by diet, antibiotics or simply by stress. Many of these problems are difficult to diagnose and treat in an animal, so helping your cat build a strong and stable flora will improve and protect their general health. Studies show that feeding your feline friend probiotic supplements can in fact increase your cat’s lifespan.


NOVAnimal probiotics for a healthier cat


In 2006, a study was published showing that feeding your cat probiotic supplements resulted in immune system and health benefits. “There is good evidence that the complex microbial flora present in the gastrointestinal tract of all warm-blooded animals is effective in providing resistance to disease. […] What we are doing with the probiotic treatments is re-establishing the natural condition which exists in the wild animal” explains Dr. Fuller in his research paper Probiotics in man and animals. The FEFANA (EU association of feed additives producers) research paper Probiotics in animal nutrition shows that “Increased short-term supplementation of probiotics may be useful under certain conditions but should be followed by continuous supplementation thereafter”.

NOVAnimal combines probiotics and prebiotic to promote your cat’s health and wellbeing. All our products were created by veterinarians and microbiologists especially for pet needs. They also come in the form of powders with a natural plum flavor, so as to better take over and strengthen your cat’s intestines. NOVAnimal products are of course acid and bile resistant, and will not be destroyed by your feline’s natural fluids. NOVAnimal products contain between 2 and 7 billion probiotics per scoop, to protect and maintain your feline’s health. Contact us today with any questions you may have or to find out which NOVAnimal product is right for your cat.