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NOVAnimal contains probiotics but also a prebiotic, inulin. This isn’t just a typo on our part, prebiotics are actually quite useful. Your pet cannot digest prebiotics as they are soluble fibers, so his body cannot actually do anything with them. But probiotics can! Prebiotics are the fuel of probiotics. Prebiotics stimulate the growth and multiplication of probiotics, they are the foundation of probiotic proliferation. Prebiotics are a lot more important than you think, they have the ability to modify the microflora’s balance and keep your pet healthy. Prebiotics work alongside your pet’s probiotics, they make the probiotics more effective and encourage them to grow and reproduce in the intestines. Prebiotics help probiotics colonize the intestines, keep your pet healthy and infection-free.

The NOVAnimal products contain a strain of prebiotic called Inulin, Inulin is one of the most versatile and effective prebiotics, it can work with many different probiotics and promotes their health and efficiency. Inulin plays an important part in probiotic activities, but it has other positive effects for your pet’s body too:

  • It improves nutrient absorption
  • It rebalances the microflora
  • It increases the effectiveness of the microflora

Prebiotics and probiotics work together to keep your pet healthy, and without the other they are less effective but together they make NOVAnimal one of the best probiotic supplements on the market!