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Solutions for your pet’s health

Here at NOVAnimal, we treat big problems as well as small ones. As you know, NOVA probiotics have two major functions, they improve your pet’s immune and digestive system. These are two major and important functions in your pet’s body, and when they don’t function correctly, there can be many other health ramifications. Your pet’s body is a whole, and improving its core will help the rest work better. NOVAnimal is here to improve your pet’s basic systems to that the rest of his body will work more smoothly too! The immune and digestive system are here to protect your animal against infections and digest the food he ingests, but when these two systems aren’t working quite as they should be, other smaller symptoms will appear as well, like strong feces and urine odors, bad breath of dry skin. These are not by any means life threatening conditions, but they simply diminish your pet’s wellbeing. NOVAnimal is here to protect your pet from big health problems, but from little ones too, it is here it protect your animal from infections, but it has many other benefits too:

  • NOVAnimal improves skins problems
  • It eases food changes
  • It reduces feces and urine odors majorly
  • It removes antibiotic side effects
  • It reduces the amount of toxins found in your pet’s body
  • It improves your pet’s breath and oral health
  • It improves the absorption of nutrients
  • It removes symptoms related to stress

NOVAnimal is here to give your pet a longer and better life!