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Why are our animals so sensitive to diet changes?


Although your dog may give you the impression that he can eat just about anything the hard-to-believe truth is that his digestive system is actually really sensitive. It can be a little frustrating to see your pet eat things that you didn’t even know were edible and then get major diarrhea when you do something as simple as improve his diet! Whether it’s weaning your kittens, buying a new brand of dog food or adding more protein to your horse’s diet, the results are always the same: diarrhea, vomiting and general intestinal upset.

The solution to your problem is simple though, it’s probiotics in the form of dietary supplements. Probiotics are a mixture of healthy beneficial bacteria. When added to your pet’s diet, they can greatly improve any tummy troubles he may have. Probiotics help out your pet’s natural flora and immune system, which is primarily located in your pet’s intestines. By adding more healthy bacteria to the mix, you reestablish a good balance in your pet’s digestive system, and insure that he doesn’t get any infections in the process.

NOVAnimal probiotics to help you transition

NOVAnimal has the perfect formula for your pet’s dietary transition: our “Transition & protection” formula. This formula strengthens your pet’s temporarily weakened immune system making sure he doesn’t get a bacterial infection on top of his upset stomach, and makes the transition go down more smoothly by adding to your pet’s healthy bacteria count. This NOVAnimal product comes with a natural plum flavor and is easy to slip into your companion’s food as it is powdered. The NOVAnimal “Transition and protection” formula contains 3 billion probiotics per scoop and nine different strains of bacteria. You should see positive results in your pet’s intestinal health and bowl movements in a matter of meals!