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Understanding why your pet’s fecal matter smell so bad

Although we love our pets we have to admit that their digestive process can be smelly at times. Whether it’s your cat’s litter box, your horse’s stall or your dog’s corner in the yard, animal urine and feces can smell very strong and disagreeable. What many pet owners don’t know is that this smell can also indicate that your pet’s digestive system isn’t doing its job right. A digestive tract that function correctly and extracts all the nutrients from food has almost odorless results.

Here’s why your pet’s digestive system can be so unpredictable and fragile: it contains about 80% of your pet’s immune system. Most of the healthy bacteria designed to protect your pet from infection is actually lining your pet’s intestines. When your pet’s immune system is weaker and his healthy bacteria count is down, his digestive system will be less efficient, and his feces smellier. Luckily fixing this problem is pretty simple, adding probiotics to your pet’s food will greatly improve all disagreeable digestive odors and help your pet absorb all the nutrient contained in his food. Probiotics are healthy bacteria designed to assist your pet’s natural intestinal flora. Probiotics will line your pet’s intestines and strengthen your animal’s immune system.


Using NOVAnimal probiotics to improve your pet’s digestion

NOVAnimal probiotics have six different formulas designed to help your pet through any medical issues he may have and improve his general health and wellbeing. NOVAnimal probiotics were designed by microbiologists and contain 9 different strains of bacteria. The “Maintenance” formula contains 4 billion probiotics per scoop and will help strengthen your pet’s immune system and digestive tract. Inserting this formula into your pet’s diet will be easy and painless, as it is powdered and plum flavored, and you will see results in a matter of days!