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Why Probiotics for Pets?
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What are probiotics?

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that are part of your pet’s immune system, helping him to stay in top shape everyday. Probiotics live in the intestines, along with 80% of your animal’s immune system, and line the intestinal walls so as to keep pathogens from crossing into de blood stream. There are many different species of probiotics, and all have different functions, different tasks in your intestines. This bacterial gathering is called the microflora. The micro-flora is balanced and happy when it contains at least 85% of healthy bacteria. Anything less and your pet’s micro-flora and immune system are unbalanced and unhealthy. Probiotics don’t just work for the immune system, they also work for the digestive system. Essentially, they fight against pathogenic invasions, but they also help your pet’s body digest his food properly. This is why when your pet’s micro-flora is unbalanced, so too is his digestive system, much to your dismay!

Why give your pet probiotics?

As mentioned above, an unbalanced micro-flora can wreak havoc against both your pet’s digestive balance and immune strength. So a weak micro-flora can make your pet vulnerable to infections, rendering his digestive process less effective. Probiotics are hard to come by in your pet’s diet, and therefore your animal’s micro-flora has no other choice than to rely on the probiotics he already has. Nowadays they aren’t strong enough, more often than not, and you might have already noticed your pet’s digestive system can be very sensitive to dietary changes of any kind. A simple way to fix this problem is through probiotic supplements. Here’s how supplements work: they will come join your pet’s current micro-flora and work together to keep your pet strong and healthy. When it comes to probiotics, the more the merrier, and adding probiotic supplements to your pet’s diet will insure he stays healthy and digests his food properly!

What are some of the benefits of probiotics?

Probiotics have many benefits for cats, dogs and even horses:

  • Probiotics prevent and heal infections
  • Probiotics will reduce fecal and urine smells
  • Probiotics will make food changes easier (like weaning for example)
  • Probiotics will erase side effects caused by antibiotics
  • Probiotics will improve the digestive process
  • Probiotics will help your pet’s digestive system break down foods and better absorb nutrients
  • Probiotics will fight and prevent conditions such as diarrhea, flatulence, or bloating
  • Probiotics reduce the effects of stress
  • Probiotics kill toxins and help detoxify blood purifying organs