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Skin problems: the causes

Like for humans, there are many forms of skin problems out there. As a good pet owner, of course it upsets you to see your pet itchy and uncomfortable, and it can also push other pet owners to avoid both you and him. An itchy pet is not necessarily the sign of a careless owner, itchiness can be caused by many things, including: hotspots, alopecia, dry or flaky skin or allergies. Many of these are difficult to diagnose, and you will need to take your pet to the vet to get a clear diagnosis, but before doing that, there might be a very simple way to put your pet out of his misery: probiotic supplements.


Probiotic supplements: the solution to your pet’s itchy problem

Probiotics improve the quality and health of your pet’s skin, treating simple problems such as dry or flaky skin, hotpots and even allergies! How do these probiotics work? Simple: they are the healthy bacteria found in the intestines that help both the digestive system and the immune system. Probiotics line the intestinal walls and break down food so your pet’s body can use their nutrients, as well as destroying pathogens and keeping your pet healthy. Of course, your pet’s body is a whole, and increasing his probiotics count affects the rest of his body positively too, including his skin. Probiotics have two major benefits. Firstly they strengthen the immune system. By improving your pet’s intestinal immune system you will improve his overall health, and will help him better fight infections and pathogens, including pathogens that affect his skin. A better immune system will ensure your pet’s body stays healthy and strong against all forms of pathogenic attacks, including those against his skin. Secondly, probiotics assist the digestive process. This means your pet will digest his food better, and will get all the nutrients it contains. Probiotics generate vitamins and enzymes that render your pet’s digestive process more efficient, helping your pet’s body make the best out of his diet. As you know, your pet’s diet can greatly affect his skin, and by helping your pet’s body better utilize his nutrients, you are improving the quality and health of his skin.


NOVAnimal probiotics for your pet’s dermal health

NOVAnimal probiotics are high quality probiotic supplements created by veterinarians for your pet’s health. NOVAnimal probiotics contain nine different strains of medicinal bacteria and one prebiotic, to ensure they are extra effective. The Maintenance Formula is perfect to get your pet back on his feet and heal any small medical issues he may be having, such as skin problems! This formula contains 4 billion probiotics per scoop and will insure your pet’s health and wellbeing!