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Why NOVAnimal Probiotics?
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NOVAnimal Probiotics commits to making outstanding quality products

NOVAnimal probiotic supplements were created with your pet’s every need in mind. NOVAnimal is commits to provide your pets with the best possible supplements to improve their health, wellbeing, and even increase their lifespan! Here at NOVA we believe in treating the body as a whole, and we have created probiotics that will not only strengthen your pet’s immune system, but will protect his overall health. Your pet’s intestinal health is essential to his wellbeing and happiness, and will impact the rest of his body. NOVAnimal is here to make sure your beloved animals are in great health and stay that way!


Ingredients and dosages

NOVAnimal is a leader in the field of probiotics; we offer different lines of products to suit your pet’s every health needs. The Pet Shop line contains between 2 and 10 billion probiotics per scoop, while our Veterinary line contains between 3 and 7 billion probiotics per scoop. Each formula also contains an excellent prebiotic to help the probiotics work even better! Each formula is carefully marked with the ingredients, benefits and situations in which it should be used.

NOVAnimal probiotics should be taken, as indicated on the box, twice a day. For cats and smaller dogs one scoop of plum flavored powder is all it takes, but for bigger dogs, two scoops is best! Feel free to contact us, or your vet, if you have any questions about our products.


When can you use NOVAnimal probiotics?

There are many different formulas depending on your pet’s needs. Our Pet Shop line is for your pet’s everyday health requirements. This line is designed to follow your animal everyday and help him stay healthy. These formulas can be used consistently throughout your pet’s life.

Our Veterinary line is for animals with specific health issues and concerns. This line has different formulas depending on your pet’s medical needs. This line was created with present health issues in mind, to better help your pet regain and keep his health.

NOVAnimal probiotics have short and long-term benefits such as better absorption of nutrients and vitamins, preventing and curing infections, fighting intestinal disorders such as diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, gassiness and bloating.