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NOVAnimal contains billions of probiotics but also one prebiotic. This is an innovative formula that makes NOVAnimal one of the best probiotic supplements on the market. So what are prebiotics exactly? Prebiotics are soluble fibers that cannot be digested or absorbed by your pet’s digestive system. They are technically useless to your pet’s body, but not to your pet’s bacteria! Prebiotics are the foundation for the growth and development of probiotics. They are capable of modifying the micro-flora by helping beneficial bacteria proliferate and stay strong. Prebiotics also promote beneficial systemic effects in your pet’s body. In other words, prebiotics are probiotic food, they are what make the healthy bacteria in your pet’s intestines thrive and multiply. Prebiotics are the supplements to your supplements!

NOVAnimal formula contains a strain of prebiotic, Inulin, that is ready to work with the probiotics to keep your pet healthy. Inulin is one of the more common and efficient prebiotics out there. It is effective in increasing the effects of probiotics, and studies show Inulin has many other benefits for your pet’s body, including:

  • Improving nutrient absorption
  • Rebalancing the micro-flora
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the micro-flora

This microorganism is here to protect your pet’s health, and serve with probiotics for his wellbeing and safety!