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Understanding why your pet’s fecal matter smell so bad


Your cat’s litter box can be pretty smelly at times, and if you don’t like that smell imagine how your cat feels about it, his sense of smell is about 10 times more sensitive than yours!  Smelly bowel movements are definitely unpleasant, and can be a clear indication of a health problem. The smell of your dog’s or your horse’s feces indicate that your pet is not digesting his food well. If your pet relieves himself in an odorless manner, this means his digestive system is in top shape. Often it is not your pet’s diet that is responsible for the pungent smell of his feces, it is his digestive system. Your animal’s digestive tract is an incredibly sensitive mechanism, as it is the home of the greater part of his immune system. The latter is made of many different types of beneficial bacteria that fight and destroy any pathogens that try to entre the bloodstream through the walls of the intestines. When your pet has a weaker immune system, his digestive system is the first one affected, as his body digests his food less efficiently and does not absorb all the nutrients in it. A great way to get your pet’s gastrointestinal system working smoothly is to add probiotics to your pet’s diet. Probiotics are healthy bacteria, in a powder form, that head straight to the intestines in order to line the walls like guardians. Simply put, increasing the amount of beneficial bacteria in your pet’s digestive system will increase the effeteness of both his immunes system and digestive tract.


Using NOVAnimal probiotics to improve your pet’s digestion


NOVAnimal probiotics was created by veterinarians for your pet’s specific health needs. The NOVAnimal “Maintenance” formula is made for your pet’s everyday digestive needs, it contains 9 different strains of bacteria and 4 billion probiotics per scoop. The “Maintenance” formula is powdered and easy to slip into your pet’s food as it is plum flavored. The NOVAnimal products will insure your pet’s digestive system works smoothly and will significantly reduce both fecal and urine odors.