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Why are our animals so sensitive to diet changes?


We all know our pets do not like change, and their intestines usually like it even less. Changing your pet’s diet can be a challenging process, whether it’s weaning your puppy, trying a new brand of kibble for your cat, or increasing the amount of protein your horse eats. Your pet’s digestive system is fragile, so don’t push it, a great way to make this diet change easier is to do it gradually and with the help of probiotics.

You pet’s digestive system is particularly fragile because it contains 70% of his immune system. Beneficial bacteria are born, live and take action in the intestines. They fight infections, line the walls of the intestines and protect the rest of the body. Changes, big or small, create an unbalance in the gastrointestinal system and temporarily weaken the immune system and digestive system. Probiotics are healthy bacteria strains that help your pet’s body process this transition. Increasing the quantity of healthy bacteria in your pet’s body helps strengthen his immune system, digestive system and makes him less sensitive to change!


NOVAnimal probiotics for an easy transition


NOVAnimal probiotics are the answer to all your problems. These probiotics are sold in powdered form and flavored with natural plum, making them easy to slip into your pet’s diet! In addition, NOVAnimal probiotics contain 9 different strains of bacteria and 3 billion probiotics per spoonful. To facilitate dietary changes, we recommend our “Transition & Protection” formula that will ease the transition from one food to another and protect your pet from potential infections while his immune system is slightly weakened.