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Why use probiotics for your horse?


Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that originate from fermented dairy or yeast. They line the inside of your horse’s digestive tract and prevent the growth and invasion of unhealthy bacteria. The gastrointestinal system contains and produces about 80% of your horse’s healthy bacteria, making it the most vulnerable system in your horse’s organism. It is important to keep the gastrointestinal system healthy though, as it will affect the rest of your horse’s body and health. Many factors can disrupt your horse’s probiotic balance such as antibiotics, lifestyle changes, stress, or infections.  Intestinal health is linked to many other functions in your horse’s system, and is often the source of infections that spread to the rest of the body.

It is hard for animals to ingest probiotics through their usual food sources, this is why feeding your horse probiotics in the form of dietary supplements can improve your horse’s general health, wellbeing and lifespan. Dietary supplements are a great way of keeping your animal healthy, and his immune system strong.


NOVAnimal probiotics for a healthier horse


NOVAnimal probiotics were developed by microbiologists and veterinarians to ensure your animal’s health. NOVAnimal products are here to provide your horse with all the probiotics it needs to stay healthy. NOVAnimal products only contain high quality ingredients. The Equine formula contains 9 medicinal probiotic strains and a prebiotic to protect the small and large intestines; they won’t be destroyed in your animal’s digestive fluids. NOVAnimal products are flavored with natural plum to make them easier to insert in your horse’s diet.

Studies show that probiotics have a long and short-term effect on your horse’s health, which will improve his wellbeing and general health. NOVA has developed an Equine product because of these studies and because probiotics are extremely effective and important for a horse’s health. Dr. Judy Reynolds explains that: “there are reasons to add probiotics as a regular, daily supplement for horses in general; one is to constantly introduce beneficial bacteria into the digestive system to provide the maximum opportunity for them to acquire and hold the surface areas on the villi in the small intestine. Another is to provide yeast to the diet regularly, which is always a good medium for beneficial microorganisms in the hind gut.”

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