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Why give your dog probiotics?


Probiotics are microorganisms that promote the development of your dog’s intestinal micro-flora. Your pet’s digestive tract is the home of thousands of healthy bacteria, but unfortunately this environment is often disturbed by pathogens. Thankfully, a healthy dog has more beneficial bacteria than pathogenic ones. Probiotics assist in the production and maintenance of beneficial bacteria, colonizing your dog’s intestines. And these bacteria can treat immediate infections, therefore improving your dog’s overall health.

Often carnivorous animals do not have enough probiotics in their system because of their diet, but also because their stomach is too acidic for probiotics to survive in. Many dogs need more probiotics than the ones that naturally occur in their intestines, and a very simple way of providing them with the healthy bacteria they need, is to boost their immune system. To do so, just add these probiotics to their diet in the form of dietary supplements.


Why use NOVAnimal probiotics for your dog?


Studies show that probiotics have a variety of benefits for your pet’s entire body and no negative effects, as you cannot overdose them. In his study Consequences of probiotics release in the intestine of animals, J.F. Guillot defines probiotics as “live microorganisms that, when administered through the digestive route, are favorable to the host’s health.” More probiotics allow your pet to better absorb the nutrients, reduce the odor of his feces, strengthen his immune system and prevent damage caused by antibiotics. But probiotics also protect your pet from more serious infections such as bloating (which can be fatal in some dogs) and detoxifies the blood cleansing organs, such as the liver and kidneys, so they increase your dog’s quality and expectancy of life.

NOVAnimal probiotics were made especially for your canine by microbiologists and veterinarians. NOVAnimal are high quality dietary supplements that come in a powder form and, flavored with natural plum, will improve your pet’s short-term and long-term health. Our Veterinary line contains between 3 and 7 billion probiotics per spoonful, depending on the current needs of your canine.

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