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Why use probiotics for your cat?


Your pet’s body contains both healthy and unhealthy bacteria. A high level of  beneficial bacteria is needed in order to keep pathogenic bacteria from taking over your pet’s system. Most of these bacteria are created and reside in your animal’s intestines. It is therefore necessary to ensure your pet has the right diet in order to support the development of healthy microorganisms. Unfortunately, your cat’s natural micro-flora (the different species of bacteria that line the intestines) is often not enough, and this is where NOVAnimal comes in. NOVAnimal are dietary supplements that provide your feline with enough healthful bacteria to keep him strong and healthy.

Scientific studies show that probiotics are great for your pet’s health. They can heal allergies, eliminate bad breath, prevent diarrhea or constipation and detoxify the blood purifying organs. Probiotics are great for any short-term health problems your pet may be having, but also are very important for your feline’s long-term health and development. By allowing your pet’s body to function more smoothly you are improving the quality of his life and insuring his overall wellbeing.


NOVAnimal probiotics for a healthier cat


During the last ten years, scientists have been able to discover and evaluate the health benefits that probiotics provide. “Probiotics are used mainly to help ensure health status by maintaining the digestive microbial balance and reducing potential pathogenic bacteria which have the effect of improving performance and productivity” explains the scientific paper The Effect of Probiotics on Animal Health.  The use of probiotics is proven to have a positive effect on your cat’s metabolism, and long-term use can have a positive effect on the entire body; they are a reliable and safe source of healthy bacteria.

Probiotics are used in both animals and humans, but each requires a different dosage and specifications. This is why we created NOVAnimal products.

Hence this line of products was created exclusively by veterinarians to better your pet’s health. The mixes and dosages are perfectly adapted to your feline’s specific needs and requirements. Our Pet Shop line is sold in the form of a powder, and is flavored with natural plum, making it easy to add to your feline’s diet. While using NOVAnimal products, you will immediately see positive changes in your cat’s health; his breath will improve, his cat litter will smell better,  and your pet’s resistance to infections will increase.

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