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Dog Flatulence: When Farting Has Become A Problem
NOVAnimal Probiotics – USA > Dog Flatulence: When Farting Has Become A Problem
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Your pet’s gas is not just an unpleasant occurrence it might also be the sign of digestive distress. Mild flatulence in most dogs is common and normal, but when it starts appearing regularly, this can mean your dog or cat’s gastro-intestinal system is upset and unbalanced. Flatulence can cause your animal’s abdomen to bloat, but can also cause expulsion of the gas through the anus. These often mean your pet’s digestive system is not doing as good a job as it could: well and easily digested foods cause little to no gassiness. There are many different things that can upset your pet’s digestive system; it can be a change in his food, a change in his environment, stress or many other factors that you might not think of instantly. The easiest way to treat and protect your pet’s digestive system is to feed him probiotic supplements, in order to relieve him right away of his discomfort.

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that reside in the intestines. When your pet’s body is unbalanced, this means the quantity of good bacteria is decreasing while the quantity of bad bacteria is increasing. This does not necessarily lead to an infection: it takes many pathogens to cause disease. But it can definitely upset your pet’s internal functions. Probiotic supplements such as NOVAnimal restore that balance and ensure your pet’s digestive tract does not get so easily upset in the future!