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The risks and side effects of antibiotics

Antibiotics are medication prescribed to both humans and animals to fight bacterial infections. What many people do not know is that giving antibiotics to your pets can have some side effects. Antibiotics work two different ways: they can either kill bacteria or they can stop bacteria from multiplying. The problem is your pet may also be allergic to antibiotics, or they can lead to a worsening of your pet’s condition, antibiotics can also bring on fever and diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting, or they can damage you pet’s liver and kidneys.


The effects of antibiotics versus the effects of probiotics

In your pet’s gastrointestinal system there are two types of bacteria, helpful bacteria that is part of the immune system and fights infections, and pathogenic bacteria. When the pathogenic bacteria multiplies and grows stronger, your pet’s beneficial bacteria must fight and destroy them. Probiotics act a strengthener to your pet’s good bacteria, they help the immune system, fight infections and strengthen your pet’s overall health by helping the beneficial bacteria proliferate and take over the gastrointestinal system. Antibiotics work the opposite way, instead of affecting the good bacteria, they destroy or inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Combining both treatments is an excellent way to treat your pet’s infection while still maintaining his flora’s natural balance. Antibiotics are necessary in the treating of infections, but probiotics make them more effective, while removing unpleasant side effects. When taken continuously, probiotics help avoid potential infections and strengthen your animal’s health.


NOVAnimal probiotics for a healthier pet

NOVAnimal products help fight infections and nurse your pet back to health. NOVAnimal probiotics should be used one to two hours after the antibiotics so as not to alter their affects and two weeks after the antibiotic treatment is over, to restore your pet’s balance. Veterinarians recommend to use the “Antibio & Digestion” formula while and after a strong antibiotic treatment. Any other Pet shop formula can help to re-establish a normal gut flora after a regular antibiotic curse. These products are available through the e-Store.

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